Local and State Programs

Mental Health Local/State Resources

35 Wilson St., Suite 100, Pittsburgh, PA 15223
Support for parents of children with autism/autism spectrum, web site.

ARC's Resource Library 
Borrow DVD's from The Arc's Family Resource Center.
Contact: Ramona Neidig at 610-849-8076, x25
The Arc's Resource Library has always been welcoming to ALL parents or anyone interested in issues related to cognitive, intellectual or developmental disabilities, whether or not their loved one has been diagnosed with mental retardation, learning disabilities, autism, or a physical disability.  You are welcome to borrow from the library if they have resources that will give you needed information.  
New titles available include: An Introduction to Autism Spectrum Disorders, Diagnosing & Treating Tourette Syndrome, Everything You Need to Know about Behavior Management: An Early Childhood Curriculum for Typically Developing Children and Children with Special Needs, and Giving our Children the Best: Recommended Practices in Early Childhood Special Education.

ASA Autism Society of America—Lehigh Valley Chapter 
PO Box 90448, Allentown, PA 18109 
Supporting families in the Lehigh Valley since 1989.
The Autism Society of America, Lehigh Valley Chapter is a non-profit organization supporting families and professionals involved with autism.  They offer a network in which parents, teachers, therapists, and other concerned professionals can support each other by exchanging ideas and information in a friendly atmosphere.  Membership benefits include: monthly meetings, guest speakers on a variety of autism and parenting-related topics, social activities, newsletters, phone hotline available for questions and updates of upcoming activities, newsgroups where members can request or share information anytime of the day or night, and a web site featuring items of interest regarding the ASA-LV and links for additional autism resources.  Dues are $15, they go towards defraying the costs of the newsletter and paying for speakers and special events.  No one will be turned away if they are unable to pay. 

Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Lehigh Valley 
Mentor for children who live in one-parent homes and are between the ages of 7-16 years old.  Mentors provide emotional support and opportunities for recreational activities.

Bureau of Autism Services 
BAS is developing new program for adults over the age of 21 with ASD, and working to improve existing service systems for individuals with ASD across the life span, through training, collaboration with other program offices, awareness and other means. 

Camelot for Children 
A non-profit organization, is to be a gathering place for seriously, chronically and terminally ill, handicapped or disabled children; to foster an environment of emotional support among these special children and their families; to provide opportunities for these special children to interact with each other in a family/home setting; and to help develop their physical and mental abilities.  Offers after school programs.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Autism Information Center 
The CDC's web site provides a comprehensive overview of autism including screening, treatment, frequently asked questions and the CDC's latest research and findings.  The CDC Parent Portal organizers and presents information for parents and provides resources from across CDC on mental health topics.

Compeer of the Lehigh Valley 
Training and matching of volunteers (Compeers) in one-to-one relationships with adults (ages 18+) in mental health treatment.  Compeers offer support and opportunities for recreational activities.  Program is free of charge.

The Department of Human Services
"An Introduction to Autism Spectrum Disorder" is a six-hour DVD Presentation which provides a basic overview of autism, including family issues.  For details on ordering the free materials, click on the link.

Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance of the Lehigh Valley 
The mission of this group is to improve the lives of people living with mood disorders.  DBSA is a self-help group for persons and families, from ANY walk of life who are affected by depression or bipolar mood disorders.  Their mission empowers us to: educate, combat discrimination and stigma, improve quality and accessibility of care, advocate research toward the elimination of these illnesses.

The Department of Health and Human Services 
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Autism Information Center
This web site offers information on autism including autism and vaccines, screening and diagnosis, treatment and therapy, FAQ's, and resources.

Emotions Anonymous 
Spiritual recovery program for persons with emotional difficulties.

Lehigh County Conference of Churches 
534 Chew St., 1st Floor, Allentown
Daybreak program provides support for those who are currently undergoing or have completed treatment for mental illness, chemical dependencies and HIV/AIDS.

Lehigh County Crisis Intervention 
Provides emergency mental health services to assist people feeling depressed, suicidal, anxious or stressed and in need of help in solving problems.  This is a licensed telephone and mobile crisis service--24/7 that provides immediate intervention for people whom are suicidal, depressed or experiencing other mental health emergencies.

Mental Health Association of Southeastern PA 
MHASP is an advocacy, service and education association to help improve the lives of people with mental illnesses.  They provide community-based support programs and services.

Mentors for Self Determination 
Group for people with disabilities and families that offers training, technical assistance and support.

NIH Autism Center of Excellence--University of Pittsburgh 
The center is dedicated to the underlying nature of autism.  The research study is under the direction of Nancy J. Minshew, MD, an internationally recognized expert in autism.  Dr. Minshew is working with a team of scientists from the University of Pittsburgh and Carnegie Mellon University to search for the cognitive, neurological, and genetic basis of autism.  This site also provides information on other current research studies, the autism diagnosis, upcoming presentations/training, and answers to FAQ's.

National Alliance for the Mentally Ill (NAMI) 
Advocacy center for individuals with mental health issues and/or their family members.  Educational services, seminars, and workshops on mental health issues/awareness.  Also offers a lending library, quarterly informational newsletter and support groups.

Office of Developmental Programs (ODP) 
ODP, in conjunction with the Pennsylvania Department of Education and the Pennsylvania Training and Technical Assistance Network, have developed a DVD called "First Look", which explains autism and shares individual and family experiences.  For information on obtaining a copy, access the "Contact" page after clicking on the link.  Under "how we can help you", type "First Look DVD" and include your mailing address and daytime phone number.

Office of Mental Health & Substance Abuse Services  
Referral assistance, to find appropriate behavioral health contacts.

Office of Mental Health & Substance Abuse Services  
Referral assistance, to find appropriate behavioral health contacts.

Penn Foundation--Lending Library of Books and Videos    
Bucks County: 887 Lawn Avenue, PO Box 32, Sellersville, PA 18960
214-453-5178 ext 256
Contact: Debra Springer
Montgomery County: 2950 Potshop Rd., PO Box 609, Worcester, PA 19490
610-584-4366 ext 1044
Contact: Gail Stein
Two Autism Resource Centers working together to offer a "lending library" of materials.  In order to borrow from the lending library, you may contact the location nearest you, either by phone or by email, to request materials.

Pennsylvania Department of Human Services, Services for Pennsylvanians With Disabilities 
This web site assists families in accessing helpful information related to various disabilities, including Autism Spectrum Disorders.

Pennsylvania First Signs 
First Signs is dedicated to the early identification of and intervention for children with developmental delays and disorders.  It provides links to articles in the press and web-related disability resources in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania Mental Health Consumers Association (PMHCA)
unified voice for mental health consumers.  Educational forums & resource materials.

Pennsylvania Recovery and Resiliency: Behavioral Health for a New Century 
Pennsylvania's behavioral health system has a new web site that includes information and resources on the child and adolescent behavioral health system, as well as the adult and older adult system.  There will be information about state initiatives, guiding principles for Pennsylvania's behavioral system, personal stories, links to state and national agencies, state and national publications and other resources. 

Pennsylvania Youth Suicide Prevention Initiative 
Recently launched web site, sponsored by the Pennsylvania Academy of Pediatrics' Child Death Review Team.  The web site provides news and information about the ongoing work of the Pennsylvania Youth Suicide Prevention Initiative, aw well as resources for youth and young adults, family members, survivors, and professionals.  Still in development is a section on local and county initiatives, highlighting the efforts of county suicide prevention task forces and other community organizations and linking people to resources within their local communities.

Support and education for Asperger’s Syndrome.

Special Kids Network 
1011 Mumma Rd., Suite 100 
Wormleysburg, PA 17112 
“Making connections for Pennsylvania’s children with special health care needs”.

UPENN Collaborative on Community Integration 
This is the Rehabilitation Research and Training Center (RRTC) devoted to promoting community integration for individuals with psychiatric disabilities.

The University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine--Department of Psychiatry
Videoconferences are available on the web.  Learn about topics such as Reactive Attachment Disorder, Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, Eating Disorders, etc.

(The 800 number should be used only if the 820 exchange is a long distance call from within either Lehigh or Northampton Counties.)
Someone to listen; Someone who cares.  The Warmline is a 24/7 telephone support service for Lehigh and Northampton County adults who are challenged by loneliness, confusion and other mental health concerns, or who need information offer callers someone to listen and care about the caller's concerns and feelings.  Goals include: Responding to callers before they reach a crisis point, assisting callers in finding wholeness, independence and happiness, empathizing with the particular problems that confront mental health consumers.  The Warmline is a confidential service.