Local/State/National Programs

Local/State/National Programs

Local/State Programs

ABOARD (Advisory Board on Autism and Related Disorders)
Support for parents of children with autism/autism spectrum, web site, etc.

Alternatives to Abortion--Department of Human Services
Offers free, caring, confidential and life-affirming options to abortion.  Available to individuals who are involved in an unplanned pregnancy, and to parents of infants up to 12 months of age.

Big Brothers/Big Sisters of the Lehigh Valley, Inc.
Provides male/female role models for children ages 7-14.  The program focuses on friendship rather than activities.  Volunteers must be 18 years old and a resident of Lehigh/Northampton counties.  Volunteers interact with children 3-6 hours per week for a minimum of one year.  The children must come from a single parent home.  There is a minimum of a one year wait list for boys due to the lack of male volunteers.  The wait list is shorter for girls.

Camelot for Children Teen Support Group 
2354 W. Emmaus Ave., Allentown, PA 18103
A group for teenagers and by teenagers.  The group is supported by the Camelot Staff and supervised by a Camelot nurse.  The Camelot Junior Board teens plan their own theme parties and activities.  Once a month on Friday from 7:00 pm to 10:00 pm.

Camelot for Children Parents Network Group 
2354 W. Emmaus Ave., Allentown, PA 18103
An informal networking group for parents of any child with a special need--regardless of their circumstances.

Catholic Charities, Diocese of Allentown
Pregnancy Support Program provides guidance, understanding, and support to women, men and families during and after pregnancy in exploring the positive options of parenting and adoption.  Pregnancy Support Services are available to anyone regardless of gender, age, race, religion, income or ethnic background.  Types of Services provided: problem-solving and decision-making guidance, free, confidential pregnancy test, pregnancy support counseling and education, assistance with baby-related items (as available), adoption planning, parenting classes, referrals for pre- and post-natal care. 

Club Ophelia
Pathways for Change
Club Ophelia addresses the ever present problem of relational aggression or "girl bullying."  This can include but is not limited to: harassment, exclusion, bullying, threatening, cyber-bullying, test messaging, physical aggression, etc.  These types of behaviors are often subtle and go undetected by parents, teachers, and counselors in school.  Club Ophelia is a group for girls, ages 10 to 15, facing these issues and is led by therapist, Jodi Merrill, MA.  Come see what all the buzz is about.

Community Services for Children Northeast Regional Key 
View information on infant/toddler mental health and how this agency can provide support.

Confront/Treatment Trends Inc. 
Support for parents of children who were sexually abused.

Crime Victims Council of the Lehigh Valley
801 Hamilton St., Suite 300, Allentown, PA 18101
A variety of support groups of children, teens and adult survivors of sexual abuse/assault.  There is also support available for parents.

F.A.C.E.S. (Faith, Accountability, Community, Education and Services)
A non-profit, faith-based, charitable corporation achieving our mission through an Educational Institute and Human Services.  Provides individual, family and group therapy, support and interventions to meet various needs.

Family Answers
Strong Families: A program that offers a fund and interactive way to strengthen your marriage, a relaxed place to meet other couples just like you, support to maintain a healthy marriage and build a strong family, and information about other valuable programs and services.

Governor's Commission for Children and Families
List of Health and Human Services, Advocacy Resources, and Parent Guides.

Harrison Morton Middle School Strengthening Families Program
A 7-week, evidence-based family strength building and prevention education program aimed for middle school students and their parents.  For information on when this program is offered, contact Marisol Bracken at the school's main office.

Collects audio stories from Pennsylvania youth on their concerns about school climate.  

Help In PA
This web site can be very helpful for families.  It has access to the entire Special Kids Network database and has information on al of the programs available for children and families that PA offers.  You may also order publications/brochures for various programs online.

Multiple Disabilities Parent Support Group at Carbon Lehigh Intermediate Unit 
610-769-4111, ext 1268
This support groups was started this year to address the concerns of parents who have children with multiple physical disabilities.  The group is held on a monthly basis and is facilitated by a social worker and a speech therapist from CLIU#21.  Groups are held at the main office of CLIU#21 in Schnecksville are offered during the day and in the evening.  There is no charge to participate.  Since the group has formed, various topics have been presented by guest speakers.  Some topics include Communicating with Your Child, Creating Your Child's Own Sensory Bin, Fun with Computers, and Safe Feeding Practices.  Groups also focus on informal information sharing as well as developing a support network for parents.  Next school year's topics will be determine by the needs of the group members.  If you are interested in receiving mailings on these groups, please contact the group facilitator, Maia Geiger, at the number above.

NAMI Hand to Hand Education Program
Eight week program designed to help families of children and adolescents with mental, behavioral, and emotional difficulties.

Parent-To-Parent of Pennsylvania
Network of parents (who have special needs children or adult children) who offer information, support, and advocacy to other parents/families who also have special needs children or adult children.  Assists families in locating support groups or develop new support groups.  Also offers conferences and trainings.

Parents Without Partners 
An organization that is devoted to the interests of single parents and their children.  It offers support and networking opportunities.

Pennsylvania Family Support Alliance 
Parent support and training for raising children.

Pinebrook Services for Children and Youth
402 N. Fulton St., Allentown, PA 18102 
Parenting classes.

Safe Haven--Department of Public Welfare
Provides a safe option for new mothers not ready for motherhood and their newborn babies--with no questions asked.  Young women can take comfort in knowing they don't need to abandon their babies because there's a safe alternative.  All hospitals in Pennsylvania are safe havens for newborn babies as long as the baby is unharmed and under 28 days old.  No one will ask who is dropping off the child or where they live.  No one needs to know the woman was pregnant or that a baby was even delivered.  Nothing will happen to the parent if the baby is not a victim of abuse or any other crime.  The baby will be examined by a doctor and provided any medical care needed.  The local children and youth agency will take custody of the baby and find a family for the baby.  If you change your mind and want your baby back, you will need to contact your county children and youth agency.  Help is also available during pregnancy, someone will help you find services and explore all of the options.  A confidential phone number (listed above) is available to explore all options and find additional services.

Secret Safe 
Safe Haven drop site for newborn babies.

Special Kids Network
Helps parents find resources for their special needs children and provide technical assistance to help groups develop and expand and maintain programs and support systems that serve children with special needs.

Teen Grief and Bereavement
Teens (12 years of age and older) meet with a professional as a group or individually in an informal session to develop understanding and skills to deal effectively with illness or loss of a loved one. 

Women, Infants & Children(WIC)
Casa Guadalupe: 141-143 Linden St., Allentown,  610-435-5673
Lehigh Valley Center: 824 Hamilton St., Allentown, 610-432-3455
The WIC Nutrition Program helps pregnant women, new mothers and young children eat well, learn about nutrition and stay healthy.  As a nutrition intervention program, WIC is designed to improve the diets of pregnant and breastfeeding women, infants and children (up to age 5), who are at nutritional risk.  By helping to improve access to quality nutrition services and healthy foods, WIC improves infant feeding practices and child development and encourages healthy eating habits that last a lifetime.  Who is eligible and who can apply?: pregnant women; women who are breastfeeding a baby under one year of age; women who have had a baby in the past six months; parents, step-parents, guardians, and foster parents of infants and children under the age of 5 can apply for their children, even if you have a job or private health insurance,e you can still apply for WIC.  Marital status does not affect your ability to apply.  To be eligible, you must qualify for the program, participants must meet WIC income guidelines (a family of four may earn up to $35,798 and be income-eligible), have a nutritional or medical need and live in Pennsylvania.  For those who qualify, benefits begin with the first appointment.

610-820-8451 610-820-8549
Telephone support hotline for adults challenged by loneliness, confusion and other mental health concerns.  Provides information regarding available community resources.

Yellow Pages For Kids
A comprehensive web site that lists many resources in the area.

National Programs

Child Trends
The nation's only independent research and policy center that focuses exclusively on improving outcomes for children.  The research center studies children at all stages of development.  Research includes child poverty, child welfare, early childhood development, education, fatherhood and parenting, health, indicators of child well-being, marriage and family, positive development, teen sex and pregnancy, and youth development.

Child Welfare League of America (CWLA)

The highest mission is to ensure the safety and well-being of children and families.  This organization provides advocacy and programs.  The web site also has publications with articles on various topics.

Parents Helping Parents (PHP)
PHP provides education and skills training, information, guidance and peer support for families with the unexpected diagnosis of and ongoing impact of childhood disabilities, including but not limited to intellectual, learning or physical disabilities and special health care needs.