Base Funded Programs

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Base Funded Programs

Children/adolescents who are actively receiving or waiting to receive recommended Medical Assistance behavioral health funded treatments, may be eligible for CMHU county based funded programs.

Note: The CMHU does not provide county based funded programs for children not pending or receiving Medical Assistance behavioral health services, or who are involved in treatment funded through private insurances only.

In-Home Respite Program

  • This program is designed to provide short-term non-therapeutic in-home respite services to children and adolescents ages 3 through 18 (18 through 21 if still in school), who are experiencing emotional and/or behavioral disturbances in daily living due to adverse interpersonal interactions and environmental influences. 
  • Eligibility: Children and adolescents eligible for this service are Medical Assistance recipients waiting for or receiving behavioral health funded services through Magellan Behavioral Health, Fee-for-Service, or HIPP; who are not receiving ID waiver money; in custody of Lehigh County Children and Youth; or receiving respite services in collaboration with existing services.
  • This services provides specialized one-on-one childcare for children who have been identified with a DSM diagnosis, including the Autism Spectrum Disorder, and who are receiving behavioral health services through the Medicaid system. 
  • In-home respite works in conjunction with the child's behavioral health therapy. 
  • This program works in the family's home in order to maintain stability for the family, identified child and to prevent the need for a temporary out-of-home placement.
  • This program does not take the place of mental health treatment, counselors, transportation aides, or in-home health care aides.  In-home respite can be authorized in conjunction with these services; but not implemented during the time these services are rendered.
  • You have a choice between two types of respite.  One in which Valley Youth House, our contracted provider, provides in-home care giving for 40 hours over a 10 week period.  The other is a family-driven respite program. 
  • Contact your behavioral health provider for a referral to the respite program.  You can also contact Melissa Weiss at Valley Youth House directly for respite referrals.  The phone number is 610-432-6481.